10 days Highlights of Japan tour

10 days Highlights of Japan tour

Kyoto – Mount Fuji – Tokyo

This 10 days in Japan itinerary is designed for travelers with limited vacation time who want to get a taste of this amazing country. The tour takes you to Japan’s two main cities, Tokyo and Kyoto and the majestic Mount Fuji.

  • The Golden Temple in Kyoto
  • Travel 330km/hour by Shinkansen
  • Mount Fuji, Japan’s highest mountain

This tailor made individual tour can be booked from € 1.170,- including transportation, hotels and breakfast.

Our tours can be adapted to suit your requirements or the entire journey can be tailor made.

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Highlights of Japan tour

Day 1 Flight to Kyoto

Departure from Schiphol or Zaventem. Flight to Kyoto, the old imperial capital of Japan.

Day 2 Kyoto

After an overnight flight, you arrive at the Kansai International Airport in the bay of Osaka. From the airport it takes around 1,5 hours to reach Kyoto. Upon arrival your hotel, free to get some rest or explore the area.

Day 3 Kyoto

Kyoto is home to over 2,000 temples and shrines. The Kinkakuji or the ‘Golden Pavilion’ Temple is one of the main attractions in Japan. The Nijo Castle is famous for its corridors full of refined Chinese-style paintings and its cracking floors, meant to betray invaders. A walk through the Japanese rock gardens at the Zen Temple Ryoanji (peaceful dragon) gives you a sense of peace and tranquility. In the evening spend some time wandering around the charming Gion-District and chances are you will glimpse a geisha shuffling between teahouses on her way to a date.

Day 4 Kyoto or Nara

The large and impressive Heian Shrine is surrounded by large gardens and ponds and is one of Kyoto’s must-see. Also the Kiyomizu Temple, a wooden Buddhist temple from the 8th century is definitely worth a visit. Don’ t forget to stroll through the charming stoned-paved streets of Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka where you will find numerous small boutiques, cafes and restaurants.

Nara can easily be visited as an (optional) day trip from Kyoto. This ancient capital of Japan is best reached by train. Visit the Todaiji temple, world’s largest wooden building housing a 15 meter high bronze Buddha. The Kasuga temple, a Shinto temple built in the 768, is famous for its many bronze lanterns.

Day 5 Kyoto – Mount Fuji

The Shinkansen (high speed ‘bullet’ train) zips you back and forth to Japan’s highest mountain: Mount Fuji or Fujisan, as Japanese affectionately call their mountain. There is a Japanese saying: “A wise man should at least climb Mt. Fuji should once”! Climbing the top is only possible during the months of July and August. At other times you can visit the museum at Mt Fuji’s 5th station. On a clear day, the views from Lake Ashi are spectacular. Unwind and relax by submerging yourself in an ‘onsen’(hot spring).

Day 6 Mount Fuji – Tokyo
From the peace and quiet of the countryside, move on to the ultra-modern world city Tokyo. Upon arrival at your hotel, you can go and explore the city. To get a picture-perfect view of the city, take an elevator to the 45th floor of the Shinjuku Metropolitan Building. The observation deck here is open till midnight. One of Tokyo’s major shrines, Meiji Jingu, is located in a beautiful park. It is a Shinto shrine built in honour of Emperor Meiji and his Empress Shoken. Meiji reigned from 1867 to 1912 and made significant contribution in the modernisation of Japan. The Harajuku area with its many trendsetting fashion shops is definitely a must-see spot if you want to immerse in Japanese pop-culture! Admire Tokyo youth in their eccentric and stylish cosplay outfits.

Day 7 Tokyo
Wander through the peaceful gardens of the Imperial Palace, as well as the busy shopping streets of Ginza, known as Tokyo’s number one high-class shopping district. Luxury brand shops and boutiques as well as department stores line the main street. Some of the world’s biggest shopping malls are in Tokyo. On a hot or wet day, try the covered shopping mall underneath the Central Station, a replica of the railway station in Amsterdam. An increasingly popular hotspots with foreigners and Tokyo people is Odaiba, an entertainment district on a man-made island in Tokyo Bay. One of Japan’s most popular TV stations is Fuji Television, famous for Japanese TV shows. Its interesting headquarters have become the symbol of Odaiba.

Day 8 Tokyo

Tokyo is a bustling metropolis that has something to offer for everyone. A visit to the Edo Museum illustrates Tokyo’s past from the Edo Period to recent modern times. The Asakusa Kannon Temple, also known as SensoJi, is Japan’s oldest Buddhist temple, built in 628. Within the temple complex is a traditional – and recently renovated – shopping street dating from 17th century, called Nakamise. A walk around Tokyo at night is a top priority!

Day 9 Tokyo – Nikko (optional) or Tokyo – Kamakura (optional)
From Tokyo you can make a one day escapade to one of Japan’s main temple cities: Nikko and Kamakura. Two hours North of Tokyo, is Nikko, a small town full of temples. The Toshuku Temple lies in the middle of a nature reserve and is dedicated to Shinto worship, focusing on living in harmony with nature. The most important site in Nikko is the shrine of Toshogu, the final resting place of the shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu (1543-1616), who unified the country and was the founder of the stable Tokugawa-era that lasted till 1868.
One hour South of Tokyo is the small coastal city Kamakura. This town houses a massive concentration of almost 100 temples and shrines scattered around town. Near the railway station you can rent bicycles. The Daibutsu is a huge 13 meter high bronzed Buddha, built in 1252. Originally the statue was covered by a temple hall, which unfortunately got destroyed in 1495 by a tsunami.

Day 10 Tokyo – Amsterdam

After breakfast, departure to the airport. Check-in and return flight home. Your flight probably arrives on the same day in Schiphol or Zaventem.

10 days Highlights of Japan Tour

Day 1 Flight to Kyoto
Day 2 Kyoto
Day 3 Kyoto
Day 4 Kyoto or Nara (optional)
Day 5 Kyoto – Mount Fuji
Day 6 Mount Fuji – Tokyo
Day 7 Tokyo
Day 8 Tokyo
Day 9 Tokyo – Nikko (optional) or Tokyo – Kamakura (optional)
Day 10 Tokyo – Amsterdam

Price of 10 days Highlights of Japan tour:

This very complete tour package can be booked from € 1.170,- per person onwards, based on double occupancy and based on chosen travel dates.

Different ways of traveling

Many different people, many desires, so many different ways of traveling. Some prefer it simple but good, others want it good, yet with a bit more luxury. Our tours are offered in different price categories.

€ 1.170,– *** hotels budget accommodation
€ 1.490,– **** hotels comfortable 4 star hotels
€ 2.035,– ***** hotels deluxe 5 star hotels


– All accommodation, including breakfast
– Traditional Japanese dinner during overnight stay at Mount Fuji
– All journeys by train and bus as per itinerary.
– Detailed information sheet with maps and translations

Not including:

– International flight to and from Japan.
– Transfers to and from the airport.
– Ferries, local buses and subways.
– Entrance fees, local guide services.
– Travel and Cancellations Insurance.
– Administration cost € 25,– p.p. (Maximum € 50,– per file).
– Calamity Fund € 2,50 per file.

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