14 days Japan Unexplored Tour

Japan Unexplored Tour (geen vertaling van gekregen)

Kyoto – Takayama – Shirakawago – Kanazawa – Wajima – Kanazawa – Yudanaka – Tokyo

iki Travels heeft een reis van 14 dagen in elkaar gezet voor mensen die interesse hebben in het Japan van vroeger met al zijn tradities. Naast een bezoek aan de vele tempels die het land rijk is logeert u ook in oude traditionele huizen en ryokan’s.

  • grootste houten gebouw ter wereld
  • apen in het warme bad
  • oude traditionele vissershaventjes

Deze individuele reis op maat is te boeken vanaf €1.760,- inclusief transport, hotels en ontbijt.

Ook kunnen onze reizen aan uw persoonlijke wensen worden aangepast of kan uw reis geheel op maat worden samengesteld.

Japan VB Onbekend 14dgn iki Travels


Onbekend Japan reis dag tot dag

Day 1 Flight to Kyoto
On day 1 departure from Schiphol or Zaventem. Flight to Kyoto,  the ancient capital of Japan. 

Day 2 Kyoto
Arrival at Kansai International Airport in the bay of Osaka. Overnight stay in Kyoto, about 1,5 hrs drive from the airport. Upon arrival at your hotel, relax or explore the area.

Day 3 Kyoto
The Nijo Castle is famous for its hall with many refined Chinese style wall paintings and its cracking floors that were meant to betray invaders. The Kinkakuji or Golden Pavilion is one of Japan’s main attractions. Walking through the rock gardens at the Ryoanji (Peaceful Dragon) Zen Temple gives you a sense of peace and tranquility. The Gion district is a best explored at night. In this enchanting neighbourhood there is a good chance you stumble upon the famous geisha shuffling around from teahouse to teahouse on their way to a date.

Day 4 Kyoto of Nara
The vermillion coated gate and the Heian Shrine with its pretty gardens and ponds, is definitely worth a visit. Don’t forget to see the Kiyomizu-dera temple, a wooden Buddhist temple from the 8th century. The famous streets of Ninenzaka en de Sannenzaka have many boutiques, cafes and restaurants. 

Today you can also make a day trip to Nara, the ancient capital of Japan. It’s easiest to go by train. Pay a visit to the Todaiji temple, world’s largest wooden structure housing a 15 meter bronze Buddha statue. The Kasuga temple is also very beautiful. This temple dedicated to Shinto worship and built in 768, is famous for its many bronze lanterns.

Day 5 Kyoto – Takayama
Travel by train to Takayama. In this old mountain village time seems to stand still. The Sannomachi neighbourhood with its many old streets houses many old merchant houses, boutiques, sake breweries en inns. The Yatai Kaikan hall exhibits some of the beautiful Autumn’s festival floats (14/15th of April and 9th and 10th of October).

Day 6 Takayama – Shirakawago
Travel by bus to Shirakawago and visit the old traditional “Ghasso-zukuri” farmhouses. These houses have very sturdy and steep straw roofs. The downstairs area is the home of huge families up to 20 to 30 people. Overnight stay at a Minshuku farmhouse (without private bathroom) but with traditional Japanese diner.

Day 7 Shirakawago – Kanazawa
Departure by bus to Kanazawa. The town of Kanazawa is perched between the Sea of Japan and the Japan Alps. Do pay a visit the Nagamachi Samurai District. This former samurai residence illustrates the traditional way of life and is open to the public. The Myoryu-ji, also called the Ninja temple was built in 1643 and serves as a watchtower over the southern part of the city. It’s a complex building with 2” rooms connected by 20 stairways and hallways.

Day 8 Kanazawa – Wajima
Drive your own car direction Wajima on the Noto peninsula, but please drive carefully! In Japan the steering wheel is on the other side! On the way you will drive by many ancient houses, paddy fields, rice terraces and fishermen’s villages. The old fishermen’s village Wajima is famous for its local lacquerware with often more than 70 coatings.

Day 9 Wajima – Kanazawa
A walk through to Wajima’s morning market is an excellent way to start the day. Drive back to Kanazawa by car, where you can wander through the Kenrokuen gardens, believed to be the most beautiful gardens in Japan. The Higashi Pleasure District is the area where the famous geisha used to hang out. The local street market with its many eateries is a good place to enjoy your evening meal. Make sure you return the car before 20pm at the car rental office.

Day 10 Kanazawa – Yudanaka
Travel by train to Yudanaka and enjoy the spectacular scenery on the way. A short twenty minute stroll from your ryokan brings you to the Jigokudani Hot Springs. Here you can see wild monkeys bathing and playing in the hot springs. This area is also great for walking and enjoying village life. At the end of the day waits a steaming hot spring bath!

Day 11 Yudanaka – Tokyo
In the morning again, you can go for a beautiful hike. The train back to Tokyo takes 3 hours. Upon arrival in the hotel, you can explore the town. For a picture-perfect view of the city, take an elevator to the highest floors of the Shinjuku Metropolitan Building. On a clear day, you can even see Mount Fiji.

Day 12 Tokyo
This bustling metropolis has something to offer for everybody. A visit to the Edo Museum illustrates in a fascinating way the past of Tokyo from the Edo Period into recent modern times. The Asakusa Kannon temple, also called Senso-Ji, is Japan’s oldest temple founded in 628. At the temple the traditional and recently renovated shopping street dating from 17th century, is called Nakamise. A walk around Tokyo at night is a top priority!

Day 13 Tokyo
The Meiji-shrine in the beautiful Harajuku park is an oasis of calm. The nearby Harajuku area with its many trendsetting fashion shops is definitely a must-see spot, if you want to immerse in Japanese pop-culture!  Sundays are the best time to admire Tokyo youth in their eccentric and stylish cosplay outfits. An increasingly popular hotspot with foreigners and Tokyo people alike is Odaiba, a popular shopping and entertainment district on a man-made island in Tokyo Bay. One of Japan’s most popular TV stations is Fuji Television, famous for Japanese TV shows. Its interesting headquarters have become the symbol of Odaiba.

Day 14 Tokyo – Amsterdam
After breakfast transfer to Narita Airport for check-in and boarding the return overnight flight home. After a 12 hours flight you will most probably arrive on the same day in Schiphol of Zaventem.

Japan Unexplored Tour: day to day itinerary

Day 1  Flight to Kyoto
Day 2 Kyoto
Day 3 Kyoto
Day 4 Kyoto of Nara (optional)
Day 5 Kyoto – Takayama
Day 6 Takayama – Shirakawago
Day 7 Shirakawago – Kanazawa
Day 8 Kanazawa – Wajima
Day 9 Wajima  – Kanazawa
Day 10 Kanazawa – Yudanaka
Day 11 Yudanaka – Tokyo
Day 12 Tokyo of Nikko (optional)
Day 13 Tokyo of Mount Fuji (optional)
Day 14 Tokyo – Amsterdam


Price Japan Unexplored tour:

This very complete package tour can be booked from €1.760,- per person onwards, based on double occupancy and based on the chosen travel dates.

Different ways of traveling

Many different people, many desires, so many different ways of traveling. Some prefer it simple but good, others want it good, yet with a bit more luxury. Our tours are offered in different price categories.


€ 1.760,– *** hotels Budget accommodations
€ 2.110,– **** hotels Comfortable 4 star hotels
€ 2.960,– ***** hotels Deluxe 5 star hotels

– All accommodation, including breakfast
– 3 dinners, more particularly in Noto, Shirakawago and Yudanaka.
– A one week Japan Rail Pass
– Car rental, including car insurance
– All journeys by train and bus as per itinerary
– Detailed information sheet with maps and translations.

Not included:
– International flights to and from Japan.
– Transfers to and from airports.
– Ferries, local buses and subway.
– Entrance fees, local guide services.
– Additional Collision Damage Waiver for car rental company, till maximum of Yen 50.000,–
– Travel and Cancellation insurance
– Administration cost € 25,– p.p. (Max € 50,– per file)
– Calamity Fund  € 2,50 per file.

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